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Having visited 30+ countries and eaten duck tongue and guinea pig, Arthur shows he is all about discovering the unknown. A natural risk-taker, he pushes the boundaries with snowboarding, wakeboarding, and surfing. Arthur didn’t like any job, so he created his own. Previously, he worked in several VCs, advised a range of startups, and worked in sales for Rocket Internet.



At different points, Georgi has been a martial arts competitor, professional poker player, online community builder, theoretical physicist, game theorist, investment banker, and management and startup consultant. He is always curious, and some might even say obsessed, with learning new things -- as if the earth would stop turning if he stops thinking. He loves to travel the world together with his wife, and they are always planning on where to go next.



David has cultivated a lifelong compulsion for adventure. This has taken him across eight countries and some 14+ individual cities in both hemispheres. Prior to Flexpat, David has spent four years and counting as a flexpat, consulting for startups all around the world. An avid believer in the inevitability of ubiquitous location-independence for all professionals, David brings over a decade of experience to the front lines of this rapidly growing revolution.



His curiosity and open-mindedness have helped Farid to gain experience in different industries, ranging from banking to robotics and from smart energy to HR. He likes to come up with out-of-the-box client solutions. At Flexpat, he’s doing exactly that: thinking the unthinkable, finding the unfindable, turning lead into gold, just like alchemists did in the past. Farid’s currently getting ready for travel adventures with his family in Indonesia, Morocco, and Turkey. A successful adventure for him means tasting as much food and culture as possible and avoiding mountains at all cost.



A Bulgarian girl with a German Abitur who ended up in the Netherlands. Armed with a media and a marketing degree, Gerry has helped numerous international start-ups find their true identity and voice. Her wizardry consists of the art and craft of language paired with strategic out-of-the-box thinking. Obviously bitten by the travel bug, Gerry experienced her biggest adventure two years ago when she crossed half Asia on flip-flops.

Gert Jan


Fueled by his commercial, entrepreneurial mind and a passion for adventure, Gert Jan has found his true element - developing businesses from scratch. Prior joining Flexpat, he founded a car-sharing company which he sold in 2016 and co-started an event-based company in recruitment. Gert Jan is getting a lot of energy of exploring the unknown. Up and down the surface. He scuba-dived 42 meters deep into ‘the Blue Hole’ in Belize and is next planning to climb a Mongolian mountain in 2018. Gert Jan is utilizing his eagerness to success to conquer the world of digital professionals and pave the way for generations of flexpats to come.



As an organizational psychologist, Laura is all about strategy. No greatness can be achieved from the comfort zone of daily routine, as innovation comes with daring decisions, which she is not afraid to make to change the status quo. For Laura, traveling is the perfect way to get to know more and more of who she is, in the ever-changing reflection of different cultures, from Brazil to Morocco to good ol’ Europe.



Born with a natural drive for change and adventures, frequently moving around and travelling is a natural thing for Lea. After all, there is no better feeling than hiking to 3200 meters and enjoying the view. Always striving to improve herself, she uses her proactive attitude to critically assess and choose the best strategies and put them into practice. If she wasn’t working for Flexpat trying to change the world, Lea would be happy running a puppy hotel.



Having recently returned from Asia where he lived for a couple of years, Mike has traveled the world and is always looking for an excuse to hop on an airplane. As remote work has become an integral part of his daily life, he’s found the perfect productivity hack for remotes - working from the lobby of five-star hotels where the internet’s steady and the coffee’s good. Mike’s a firm believer that it’s not about the destination but the journey itself. That’s why it comes as no surprise that he likes to get things moving and moving quickly. There’s no time to waste, always keep your eye on the prize and move forward: step by step.



Sam likes people. He likes everything about them, whether they’re good and honest, or evil and a little mischievous. This is because even more than people, he likes stories and believes stories are made by, of, and for people. Growing up, he’d get lost in every novel, movie, and TV show he could get his hands on and went to every party there was – just to see what happens next. Now, he travels around the world meeting as many people as he can, just to hear what they have to say. As a driving force behind the Flexpat community, Sam hopes to encounter many amazing people and to get to know their stories.



The last ten years he’s been working in IT recruitment, Sebastian has changed the lives of multiple startups and corporations making their talent acquisition and recruitment an art in itself. He believes that simple values like quality over quantity are oftentimes forgotten in the IT recruitment world, and is striving to make it better for everyone. In his spare time, Sebastian enjoys a good single malt scotch and an adrenaline-packed PC game to go with it - a 100% geek and proud of it.



Adele is a French-Vietnamese entrepreneur and a passionate remote work advocate. She enjoyed the remote work lifestyle from Ubud in Bali, Austin in Texas, Denver in Colorado and her own hometown of Paris whilst successfully launching and running a ‘’hipster’' wedding planning business in London. Adele helps startups scale and strives to be actively involved in building the future of work, which is why she joined Flexpat in the first place. She is now focusing her energy on establishing remote careers as a sustainable and widespread lifestyle. Adele is obsessed with productivity hacks and forever tormented by having to choose in between classic French cuisine and Vietnamese home-cooking.



Elena has a high appreciation for true beauty – whether it's found in places, people's faces, or souls. She has her very own collection of memories and experiences and takes every chance to expand it. Elena believes that a smile can turn around one’s day, and sees Flexpat as a way to bring more and more smiles to flexpats around the globe. With her inherent positivity, she always finds a way to make everyone's day a little brighter.



Fazal’s law career started in his home country, India. After having worked for a couple of years, he decided it’s time for a new chapter in his life and moved to the Netherlands to finish his higher education. Fazal brings in an artistic flair to the team - he has been actively involved in theater and has starred as Harry Potter as well as Greek tragedy villains. As a former state-level athlete, Fazal had no hesitation from jumping off a cliff into a sea full of sharks in Malaysia, nor was he afraid of taking a stand on controversial legal-political issues in his research publications. Always looking for challenges, both personally and professionally, Fazal joined Flexpat to achieve his goal of making a global impact with his work.



With no clue what to study after finishing high school, Linda moved to California to follow a minor in International Business. From this moment, she fell in love with the Cali ‘free of mind spirit’ and the american sports culture. Now after a bachelor in Economics and Law, she is trying to bring this open-minded knowledge to Flexpat, while planning her next travel adventures, which she always likes to share with her friends.



For some, being called a "full-time geek" is an insult. For others, it's a badge of honor. Erik belongs to the latter. Apart from "geeking" (is it verb?), Erik loves sailing with his boat, top speed 80km/h, and hanging out with friends. Prior to Flexpat, Erik co-founded a few open source projects and gained proper DevOps experience in various companies.

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